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Window Cleaning For Your Home

Obviously it will make your house look great... but here are some other important reasons; Window replacement is very costly and taking care of your existing windows can greatly extend their life. For this reason it is important to hire a professional so they can make sure the windows are properly cleaned using the proper chemicals. Also, we have the right equipment and have mastered our techniques to do the job right. Because we don’t use any harsh chemicals or substances on your windows, you will get a streak free shine every time, and your windows and health will not be harmed by industrial cleaning products.

Quality Service

Detail is the name of the game. I want each of our customers to be completely satisfied with our work. At Clear Choice, our goal is to win your future business as well. We also offer year round cleaning service.

Free Estimates

We personally visit your home for an on-site estimate. In my opinion, estimating by phone is a bad business practice. I would rather spend the time to give a fair and accurate estimate and introduce myself in the process. 

Respect For Your Home

Sometimes it's in the details - like using shoe covers anytime we do indoor work, window sills are wiped clean, and bonnets are carefully placed on our ladders to protect your walls, floors and carpeting. For outdoor work, we are always aware of your landscaping and take necessary precautions to carefully protect it. 

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Contact Information:
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